For those of you who recognize the title of this blog, go to the head of the class. For the rest of you, and this morning that would have included yours truly, I will explain in just a little bit. I had written last week that one of the amazing things about working at Ohmega is the incredible things you run across. That also means you always have an opportunity to learn new things. Earlier this week, we got in a very large Persian rug. Now, rugs aren't really our normal gig. This doesn't mean we avoid them but we don't go looking for them either. Bath tubs,doors, we know about. Rugs, well, not so much. We also know "cool factor" and this rug had it. It was very large and had this faded stripe through it. That faded spot we really weren't sure about. So we made some inquires and discovered "Abrash". Authentic, old, rugs can have faded bands through them where the organic dyes or wools are just a little different. Abrash is the word for this. It is actually a sought after feature in an older rug. It struck me as a totally appropriate term for all of Ohmega Salvage. Here we are, a bit worn, a little faded, and still sought after. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we truly see that quality in the people around us who have been around a while and still see the sought after qualities of those people and their experiences. Talk about "cool factor". Steve Smith


  1. Thanks for the quick lesson! I love the rug!

  2. Love this. I think that's one of the reasons why I love salvage and secondhand because the imperfections are so beautiful and much more realistic than the perfection of new.