"You never know what you're gonna get"..............

Last week with the Winter Olympics going on, one of the cable movie channels was showing "Forrest Gump" for seven nights in a row. Now, mind you, I like that movie but 7 days straight? Not for me, thanks! It did serve to jamb back into my brain the immortal "Life is like"....... well you know the rest. It was stuck in my brain this week as Ohmega Salvage received about 23 cast iron tree rings and about 70 large planters from the Larkspur Landing Mall in Marin county. And just in time for Spring planting season too.One of the most amazing things about this job is the things and people that cross our path. I have now worked here for over 11 years and after all that time I still see things that come to us that I have never encountered before. It is one of the most fun things about this job. It is one of the reasons that our customers bring in the visiting relatives when they come to town. You never know what you're gonna get, or what you will see, or the people you'll meet when you're here. Where else are you going to see a chandelier with monkeys dressed in Victorian servants clothes? Come on by and see for yourselves, we are always happy to see new people and catch up with old friends.
Steve Smith


  1. It was fun to find your website and your blog. We've been weaving a number of Omega finds into a new barn that we're building and will have to get some photos to you when we're done. Keep up the great work.

  2. We look forward to seeing your end result! Please do send us some pictures when you're done.