Welcome to Ohmega Salvage's Blog

It is not without some sense of irony that I am intoducing our blog into cyberspace. Ohmega Salvage has now entered into its 36th year doing what we have always done - saving the past. We have always specialized in saving some of the great items from our oldest homes and buildings here in the Bay Area. The doors, windows, bath tubs and sinks and everything else we value were all made long before cyberspace was someblody's crazy dream. So, welcome to Ohmega Salvage's newest way to say "Hi" and let you know about us and some of the amazing stories we come accross in our efforts to save some pretty great things. "What things?", you might ask. Well, we try to save the work and products of some of best craftspeople to have come before us. The products of our parents and grandparents and their parents before them. To save for now, and in the future, the products made with all of their care and artistry with some of the finest resources they could bring before them. Or.....in the words of a lot of our customers and visitors: "Where did you get all of this cool stuff". Welcome to Ohmega Salvage, my name is Steve Smith and I will be one of your hosts. Thanks for coming!