Spring Fever.....Hayfever counts, Right???

The sun has been out quite a bit lately. All of us at Ohmega have been adjusting to the new longer hours to match the new longer days. Then there's the sneezing and itching eyes. Is it just me?.....umm never mind. We have quite a bit to do around here when the weather starts to turn for the better. Just like the rest of you we do some spring cleaning around here. Late Spring, Summer, and early Fall are our busiest times here at Ohmega. As I was writing last week, we are always having to make room for new things. Spring increases the pace. With the Spring also comes a certain anticipation as well. We begin to get e-mails, calls and visitors asking about our services and can we help them with their projects coming up. We hope to get a feel on how the building season might shape up. We start to build our hopes as it has been a long Winter and a slow economy. All of us "Ohmegans" are optimists I think. When I say "Ohmegans" I include all of our customers and contractors and scavengers not just our employees. It takes an optimist to see potential in something that others just wish to be rid of, thrown away. To anticipate the pride and satisfaction when that item is brought back to life and incorporated into something new. So here is to hope and to sunshine and longer days. May they find us with a new prosperity. And one more thing.....pass the Kleenex.
Steve Smith

The "Tetris" Factor

The yard is looking different this week. Truthfully, most weeks it looks different. This is not an accident. As we receive new items and send others on to their new homes we have to play what amounts to a large, 3-D version, of "Tetris". Those of you who have played the game of arranging falling blocks on their computer or cell phone know the challenge. Ohmega's version often involves gloves, heavy lifting, pallet jacks, forklifts and, well, you get the idea. This last week seems like a double overtime session of it except that the real "Tetris" doesn't leave you so sore you have a hard time moving. As you know, the game speeds up as it goes along and more blocks come down. Now that Spring has arrived, Ohmega's version also picks up and more items come our way and go on to those of you out there. Whether they know it or not, our customers come in playing their own version of the game as well. In their version, they look for just the right item to arrange to fit into their space and thus make their space more of a home for them - the right fit.
Steve Smith


For those of you who recognize the title of this blog, go to the head of the class. For the rest of you, and this morning that would have included yours truly, I will explain in just a little bit. I had written last week that one of the amazing things about working at Ohmega is the incredible things you run across. That also means you always have an opportunity to learn new things. Earlier this week, we got in a very large Persian rug. Now, rugs aren't really our normal gig. This doesn't mean we avoid them but we don't go looking for them either. Bath tubs,doors, we know about. Rugs, well, not so much. We also know "cool factor" and this rug had it. It was very large and had this faded stripe through it. That faded spot we really weren't sure about. So we made some inquires and discovered "Abrash". Authentic, old, rugs can have faded bands through them where the organic dyes or wools are just a little different. Abrash is the word for this. It is actually a sought after feature in an older rug. It struck me as a totally appropriate term for all of Ohmega Salvage. Here we are, a bit worn, a little faded, and still sought after. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we truly see that quality in the people around us who have been around a while and still see the sought after qualities of those people and their experiences. Talk about "cool factor". Steve Smith

"You never know what you're gonna get"..............

Last week with the Winter Olympics going on, one of the cable movie channels was showing "Forrest Gump" for seven nights in a row. Now, mind you, I like that movie but 7 days straight? Not for me, thanks! It did serve to jamb back into my brain the immortal "Life is like"....... well you know the rest. It was stuck in my brain this week as Ohmega Salvage received about 23 cast iron tree rings and about 70 large planters from the Larkspur Landing Mall in Marin county. And just in time for Spring planting season too.One of the most amazing things about this job is the things and people that cross our path. I have now worked here for over 11 years and after all that time I still see things that come to us that I have never encountered before. It is one of the most fun things about this job. It is one of the reasons that our customers bring in the visiting relatives when they come to town. You never know what you're gonna get, or what you will see, or the people you'll meet when you're here. Where else are you going to see a chandelier with monkeys dressed in Victorian servants clothes? Come on by and see for yourselves, we are always happy to see new people and catch up with old friends.
Steve Smith