How To Buy a Used Door

12 Lite French Door with Transom
A lot of customers come into us saying, "I need a door!"  While we like to help our customers as much as possible, we need a bit more information than that.  If you find yourself in need of a door, in order to help both you and us, you will need the following information:
  1. Width, height and thickness of the door needed (in inches).
  2. Are you looking for a door made of all wood, partial glass, full glass?
  3. Do you need this as an interior or exterior door?
  4. If you are looking for an exterior door, will it swing inside or out?
  5. Are you looking for a painted door, or natural wood?
  6. Most of the doors we carry are no longer in the jamb, but occasionally we get a door that comes complete with the jamb.  Are looking for only a door, or do you need a complete set-up?
  7. If you are putting the door into an existing jamb, you will need to find out if the jamb is hinged on the right or the left side.  We determine this method the same as used in architectural drawings which is by standing inside the room in which the door opens into.  In this case, you can always see the hinge pins and knuckles exposed towards you.
 If you come prepared with this information, our staff will be able to help you find the perfect used door!

How to install plaster ceiling medallions

Hand Painted Ceiling Medallions  
In the old days, ceiling medallions were permanently plastered in place by the plasterers. Back then there was usually not an electrical box present. Ideally, you would like access to the box in case there is ever anything wrong . If it is permanently attached you might end up destroying the medallion in order to get to the box since the medallion goes over and partially covers the box . What we usually suggest to avoid this is to use trim head dry wall screws. They are like a finish nail with a reduced size head. You need to locate the wood joists or some solidly attached lath behind the plaster for the screws to securely grab onto. You also need to pre-drill pilot holes in the medallion in the locations of the wood and screw them in while holding the medallion in place. 
Casseli Ceiling Medallion available from Ohmega Salvage
Once this is done you can take a picture or make note of the screw locations on the medallion before they are covered over by spackle or some other filler so you'll be able to find the screws later. Also, protect the head of the screw from being filled in by the spackle. A punched out paper circle from a hole punch works pretty well or some bit of tape. This way, should you ever need to remove the medallion to work on or change the electrical box you can. All you will have to do is relocate the screw heads from your photo or notes and dig out the spackle and paper and back out the screws to remove the medallion. 
Water Street Ceiling Medallion hand painted by one of our talented customers!
Many of our customers have either the electrician or painter or sometimes a carpenter put up the medallion. In any case make sure your electrical box is in good condition and securely attached to the ceiling. Make sure there is enough wire to come down through the medallion and still have enough left to make a connection inside the canopy of the light you are hanging on the face of the medallion. Typically that would mean having about 6 to 8 inches of wire exposed after the medallion is in place. Please note that the canopy of the light, once in place, will also help hold the medallion in place. 

It is also recommended that you put a primer coat of paint on the back side of the medallion to prevent water or moisture from soaking in from the back side. If there ever is a leak, the plaster will act as a sponge unless sealed or primed. By the time you notice the leak it will be too late to save the medallion. Some of our customers do plaster the medallions in place and hope for the best. In that case ask your plasterer. Painting the back of the medallion might interfere with his methods of attaching it. You can also glue the medallion in place, if necessary, with construction adhesive. You would have to seal or paint the back side very thoroughly as construction adhesives will not stick to raw plaster (it is too powdery a surface). This is also a permanent method that would be very tough to remove without damage once done.


A week ago I was changing the outgoing messages on the answering machines for Thanksgiving here at Ohmega. It is something that I have done for as long as I can remember being here. Those of you who know us, know that we are open 7 days a week all year-round. We are only closed for 7 major holidays. The seven holidays become signposts along the way in the journey through the year. It struck me, as it usually does, when I started to leave the Thanksgiving message than this year was almost over. Except this time it was a much stronger feeling than usual. This year, particularly, has been a very challenging year for Ohmega Salvage. I wont go into details as I do not want to diminish the challenges that all of you, out there, have also been going through. It is enough to say that there are people and businesses who started the year along side us that are no longer with us. So, as I was leaving the messages it struck me that I and all of us at Ohmega were quite fortunate. If you have been checking in with the blog you know that I have not posted in quite a while. I apologize for the long delay but this years challenges took charge of my time. I have been getting subtle hints, o.k. not so subtle hints, that I needed to get back into it. I thought tonight would be the best time to pick it back up and simply let all of our customers and friends know that all of us here at Ohmega are very much grateful to still be here serving the community and all of you out there both near and far. We extend that gratitude to all of you who have graced our doors over the years and allowed us to serve you. Please know that now, more than ever, we do not take for granted the value of all of your visits to us here at the stores and those of you who travel to us via cyberspace from places all over the world. Places so far away that it still takes me by surprise by your interest in us. As simply as it can be, Thank You!

Sincerely, Steve Smith