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How to fix a loose clawfoot tub foot.

Recently, one of our fans over on Facebook asked about fixing a clawfoot tub foot that keeps slipping off.
American Standard Clawfoot Tub with tapered wedge and set screw
Tub feet are typically first put on with the tub upside down. That way you do not have to fight gravity to set them in and you have full access to the screws. If the tub is already in place and you need to replace the foot it is going to be VERY difficult to do properly. There are a lot of different designs and mounting systems for tub feetThe most common foot attachment method out there is a tapered wedge tongue with a set screw. To replace the tub foot in situ, you need to temporarily lift the tub up just a little higher than the foot when it is in place. (I've heard of using a car jack to do this, but be careful!) Place some type of wood blocks or similar to hold the tub up securely. Take the foot that has fallen out and loosen the set screw so that it does not drag across the bottom of the tub as you slide the foot back into pace. You will need a good rubber mallet to do the next part. Slide the foot in place as far as you can. Take the rubber mallet and hammer home the foot till it cannot go any farther. Do not use a regular hammer – the foot is cast iron and you can break cast iron with a regular hammer. Tighten the set screw tight. (Do not use a hex headed bolt for the set screw as you can tighten the set screw too far and break the foot.) Remove the blocks and set the tub down in place. 

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Good luck to you!
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