"The Key To Our Success"

I am often asked who are our most frequent customers. I almost always answer "Homeowners". It is simple and to the point. I was thinking about this as I was sitting down to write the latest blog. It occurred to me that I could even distill that answer down to a more basic, yet essential, ingredient. Our most frequent customers are "Moms". Now, those of you who are now crying foul about opportunistic blogging on the eve of Mother's Day, well, o.k. I will give you a point on that one. And those of you suspecting a desperate attempt to cure writer's block, well, a point there as well. Still, it does not diminish or change the truth. Moms are the single largest influence on our business. We live in houses to be sure, but it is all of those "Mom's" touches that makes the house the home we all look for refuge in. Mothers may not always be the ones making the choices of the items that make up the home but it is sure that their influence is always considered in that choice whether it is conscious or not. It is their appreciation of the history of the items we have. That "lived in" quality that the items have gained as they spent their time with other families and now, hopefully, may join their families. So I am going take time to thank all the mothers out there for helping us to find good, new, homes for the items we have. I and Ohmega Salvage very much appreciate it.
Steve Smith