Spring Fever.....Hayfever counts, Right???

The sun has been out quite a bit lately. All of us at Ohmega have been adjusting to the new longer hours to match the new longer days. Then there's the sneezing and itching eyes. Is it just me?.....umm never mind. We have quite a bit to do around here when the weather starts to turn for the better. Just like the rest of you we do some spring cleaning around here. Late Spring, Summer, and early Fall are our busiest times here at Ohmega. As I was writing last week, we are always having to make room for new things. Spring increases the pace. With the Spring also comes a certain anticipation as well. We begin to get e-mails, calls and visitors asking about our services and can we help them with their projects coming up. We hope to get a feel on how the building season might shape up. We start to build our hopes as it has been a long Winter and a slow economy. All of us "Ohmegans" are optimists I think. When I say "Ohmegans" I include all of our customers and contractors and scavengers not just our employees. It takes an optimist to see potential in something that others just wish to be rid of, thrown away. To anticipate the pride and satisfaction when that item is brought back to life and incorporated into something new. So here is to hope and to sunshine and longer days. May they find us with a new prosperity. And one more thing.....pass the Kleenex.
Steve Smith

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