"A Bigger Tent"

Last weeks blog got me to thinking about all of my recent conversations with Ohmega's old friends. They ask me, as always, what's new? I have been telling them about this blog. Now, while most all of our customers are "on-line" to some degree most are not the blogger, or twitter types. And, of course, till just lately I would have been on that list as well. So once I tell them about the blog the next question most frequently asked me is "Why?" I have been trying to put it in terms of staying current, and all the other logical reasons. The trouble is that I never felt that I captured the real value of it. Ohmega Salvage brings the items of our past back into circulation to create a new future. Most of our customer have had some direct connection to these treasures. Either it was in their house growing up or in their grandparents house growing up, etc., etc. As we have gotten older an come more into the future those direct connections get fewer and fewer. Ohmega found itself being challenged to find other ways to connect to those who might not know about the treasures we have and who we are. Starting a number of years back we stated to do the newly formed "Green" events. While we had been doing "Green" for decades, we none-the-less wanted to meet these like minded folks. Ohmega always likes to look our best. When we went to the events we decked out a tent to look like a antique room. That tent was always a big hit and attention getter. We got to meet a lot of new folks face to face - old school. The tent was a lot of work but it was worth it to bring in new folks to the re-use fold. Still we were always limited to being in the same physical space as our guests and we found we couldn't always be there. And so here we are in Cyberspace with our biggest tent yet and this one never closes. A tent that can been seen by all ages and in different countries so that they may see the relevence we may have in their lives today and in the days ahead. "Why?", they asked. Well, damm, we needed a bigger tent!
Steve Smith

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