"With Old Things Comes Old Friends"

Ohmega has been around for quite some time now. With that longevity comes the opportunity to meet some pretty interesting folks. It is one of the great pleasures of working here. On any given day, the mix of people you are likely to encounter coupled with our Berkeley, CA location might cause the uninitiated person's head to spin. Whether it is a customer, a neighbor, a scavenger, another business owner, or one of our vendors, it runs the gamut of profiles and experiences. You might even run into the occasional famous person. Who?, you might ask? Well you'll have to come down here yourself to find out. This is what America should be: a broad cross section of folks who come here to experience the history and variety that is us. Today it was one of our vendors and old friends. Dave Bertz is the one responsible for our having our popular collection of statues and Buddhas. An old time antiques hound and a full time character. He has been traveling to far away places and bringing things back for us for a long time. His wicked, and often bawdy, sense of humour means that you will be laughing a good part of your time with him. That is, of course, when you are not groaning at some of his jokes. He comes from quite a distance to get to us and lately, with the economy, his visits have become rare. So, today, it was good to see him, a old friend, and get some cool new statues & stuff and laugh some of the recession away. So to all of our old friends out there and the new ones on their way to becoming an old friend, come on down and say "Hi" it is always good to see you!
Steve Smith

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