"A Room With a View"

With apologies to E. M. Forster and the Merchant/Ivory film it is the only appropriate title for this week's blog. The Ohmega crew spent this last week in the rarefied air on the 52ND floor of the Bank of America building in San Francisco. Those of you in the know recognize that location as the former Carnelian Room restaurant and bar. Opened in August, 1970 and named for the Carnelian Granite that adorns the 555 California Street building. This restaurant was old school fancy. You did not show up with out a reservation and a jacket for the "Gentleman". Jeans and sneakers just would not do. Hey, "old school" is our stock and trade so you know we just had to go get this stuff. So we made our reservations with general contractor, who kindly relaxed the dress code, and off we went. This place was big. There was all of this tall carved oak paneling and doors. Then there was a couple of big wine racks and trim and miscellaneous other items and......well....only one working freight elevator and our truck a mere 520+ feet below us. Hey, no problem, right??? How big was that elevator???? So we set about removing and cutting down the panels to fit into the elevator. It is rare that we spend more than a week on a job doing removals but you start to get the idea. It is some pretty nice stuff though. Come on down to Ohmega Salvage and check it out. We promise you that the "Gentlemen" won't need a jacket and, "Ladies," you will be just fine in your jeans.
Steve Smith

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