Lasting First Impressions

Friday is the first day of my work week. As I first walk through the gates in the morning I get to experience what has come in while I was gone. Since we are open 7 days a week I can't be there for everything as it comes though the gates. Even after working all of these years here it is still a favorite time of mine. It comes closest to what, I imagine, is a lot of our customers reactions to when they come through the gates. Maybe it is the first time ever or maybe it has only been since yesterday there is almost always something new. It is when the items we have taken in start to tell you their stories. The time when an item starts to become a treasure in your mind. How is this possible you might ask? Well I believe that the time, energy, care, and even passion that were expended in making the architectural pieces and other items we take in leaves a lasting impression. It is there for all to see if we only give it a chance to be seen. That's why we are here to give you folks out there a chance to be impressed. So on Friday morning I get to be greeted by the new items and start to hear the stories. You know, I'll tell you, after more that 30 years in the building trades I am still impressed. So, next time your in the neighborhood come on by. There some history here you just might like.
Steve Smith

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  1. WOW... if this piece doesn't leave a lasting impression, nothing will!!! Magnificent!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian